greek premium olives


The fruit of the olive tree is fundamental to the Mediterranean diet, as it contains a variety of beneficial nutrients.

Vivelia olives include varieties such as Kalamon olives or Chalkidiki green and black olives. They can be served plain as a “meze” – appetizer (small dish served to accompany alcoholic drinks), in salads, or used in many recipes.

Kalamon olives are typically “almond-shaped” and their color ranges anywhere from brownish to dark brown-purple. They are compact and crispy with a subtle fruity taste, which is also slightly salty, bitter and vinegary.

Chalkidiki olives are bright green, large, fleshy, rich in calcium, iron, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Their characteristic feature is the delicate fruity aroma, the subtly spicy-bitter taste and the absence of fats.

Vivelia olives are available in 12 different flavors, whole olives in brine, or pitted and stuffed in a 250g vacuum pack, while Kalamon olives are also available in a 3kg barrel.


Whole Olives

[250g vacuum]

Pitted and stuffed olives

[250g vacuum]