Rich in nutrients, aroma and taste, honey has been considered to be a symbol of fertility and well-being and has had an important place in everyday nutrition since ancient times.

Vivelia honey is of high nutritional value, produced with care and utmost scrupulousness in collaboration with a family-run business of beekeepers with a long history of nomadic beekeeping so as to ensure the best microclimate and top quality and quantity of bee food. These nomadic movements take place in the pristine lands of the mainland and Lefkada, in the pine forests of Chalkidiki and Evia, in Mainalo, etc.

A honey of excellent quality, particularly rich in flavor and aroma, which is confirmed by the distinctions awarded in the Taste Olymp Awards 2017 – Supreme Taste Food & Beverage Competition, which was held in Athens by special judges-evaluators. More specifically, Vivelia Oak Honey was elected for the Gold Award, while Vivelia Thyme Honey was elected for the Silver Award.

Available in 240g and 450g glass containers.


Oak Honey [240g & 450g]

Oak Honey is dark-colored and has a strong taste. It is particularly rich in antioxidant properties and is characterized as a honey of exceptional nutritional value. It stimulates the human body and has an increased number of trace elements (potassium, magnesium, iron etc.).

Gold Award in Taste Olymp Awards 2017

Thyme Honey [240g & 450g]

Thyme honey has an amber color, an intense and distinctive aroma and an excellent flavor. It is rich in minerals and trace elements and well-known for its stimulant and strong antiseptic properties.

Great Taste Award 2019, Silver Award in Taste Olymp Awards 2017

Orange Blossom Honey [240g & 450g]

Orange blossom honey has a generally light golden color, a strong sweetness and a delicate citrus flavor. Floral, fruity and extremely aromatic, it has a high nutritional value as it is rich in vitamin C and trace elements.

Silver Award in Taste Olymp Awards 2018