Extra virgin olive oil

Vivelia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a combination of “Koroneiki” and “Megara” olive varieties with low acidity and high content in polyphenols. It has a strong fruity taste, a subtly spicy-bitter aftertaste and a freshly-cut olive oil flavor

Vivelia has a wide range of packaging solutions consisting of plastic, glass and metal containers of 55ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 2L, 3L and 5L. All products are packaged and bottled in Athens in a modern ISO 22000 certified bottling unit, according to the strictest specifications.

We are very proud to announce that Vivelia’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil participated in two international competitions in 2017 and was awarded an equal number of distinctions by an Evaluation Committee of specialists with scientific training and long experience in olive oil tasting and quality control.

Silver Award at the Athens Olymp Awards – Food & Beverage and Bronze Award at the London International Olive Oil Competitions 2017.


Extra virgin olive oil


[250ml – 500ml – 750ml – 1L]

Extra virgin olive oil


[250ml – 500ml – 750ml – 1L – 5L]

Extra virgin olive oil


[55ml – 100ml – 250ml – 500ml – 750ml – 1L – 2L – 3L – 5L]