Black olive oil soap

with volcanic clay

Vivelia soap stands out for its ingredients, the olive oil and the volcanic clay (bentonite), which are both of natural origin with significant beneficial properties. Olive oil moisturizes, nourishes and soothes the skin, while bentonite contributes to the care and detoxification of the body in a natural way.

Bentonite is a unique, odorless, grey or cream colored clay, with fine texture and a velvet feel. It is made of aged volcanic ash and contains lots of minerals. Bentonite clay has a strong negative ionic charge. Once it touches liquid, it immediately attracts substances that have a positive charge -such as toxins, chemicals, impurities and heavy metals-, binds and pulls them out, while it also releases its beneficial minerals. Although, nowadays, clay is somehow sidelined, it was used in the past by many peoples for its healing properties and its ability to remove toxins from the body.